Magnuson Group CET Designer Extension

Magnuson Group is excited to introduce its new and improved CET Designer Extension, which is available to all users who have updated their CET Designer to version 13.5. Our CET Extension features the industry’s most complete line of high-design ancillary/accessory-product offerings.

The extension gives users access to the company’s entire product offering of over 25 categories. CET Designer’s intuitive interface allows a visual, immersive experience through configuration and specification, while the extension -- with a complete and up to date selection of finishes, options, and prices -- enables users to specify Magnuson Group products easily, without intimate product knowledge.

Equipped with Magnuson Group’s CET Designer Extension, users are able to make their client spaces “move-in ready,” quickly and easily, with waste receptacles, planters, coat storage and all of Magnuson Group’s ancillary product solutions. Over time, new product introductions will be added and enhancements will be made based on user feedback. To download the extension free of charge, CET Designer users can request access through the CET Designer Marketplace.

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